March Blog

March Blog

So long February, Hello March. With a looming pandemic, yet another drought and the political circus; I sometimes feel that I’m in a doom’s day theme park! “Step right up. Experience the unbelievable island of plagues and locust! Don’t miss the smack down at Sodom and Gomorrah children’s corner!!!”

While it can become overwhelming, to mitigate the slide into uncontrollable anxiety and helplessness I have been doubling down on mindfulness meditation and radical self-care. Our world is sometimes cruel, painful and downright ridiculous. It is also filled with wonder and beauty. I don’t have the solution to eliminate the pain, yet I know that when we implement awareness, acceptance and compassion it supports our ability to become grounded and live in the here and now. One great grounding technique is to Sit down in a comfortable chair, one where your feet reach the floor. Close your eyes and focus on your breath. Breathe in slowly for the count of three, then out slowly. Bring your mind’s focus to your body. How does your body feel sitting in that chair? Scooch your bottom right into the back of the seat so the whole length of your back is pressing into the back of the chair. Can you feel the contact between your body and the chair’s surface? If the chair has arms, touch it, is the material smooth or textured? Press your arms down the length of the chair arm, notice how your hands hang off the end. If your chair doesn’t have arms, touch the material on the seat, how does that feel? You are supported by the chair which is supported by the floor with is supported by the foundation of the building you are in; in this moment you are safe and have all that you need.

Next push your feet into the ground, imagine the energy draining down from your mind, down through your body and out through your feet into the ground. I picture it as a color filling my body or a positive energy source as it goes from top to toe, but this is your image so choose whatever you want your energy to look like. As the energy drains from your head, feel how heavy each body part becomes, your torso feels heavy and now your arms as you relax those muscles. Lastly, feel the heaviness go down your legs, through your feet and down into the ground to be composted for perhaps a better purpose.
So, in the here and how, wash your hands, practice self-care, and breath 😊


challenging symptoms. I enjoy learning and deepening my skills to provide the best care possible for folks I work with.

Don’t forget to set your clocks forward this weekend. I don’t know about you but I’m soooo ready for Spring. Stay safe and be well.

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